NICS Training

By October 2020 NICS basic training sessions were completed in all 8 planning regions in the Republic of North Macedonia (Skopje, Vardar, Pelagonija, Polog, Northeast, East, Southeast and Southwest planning region).

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), part of the basic training sessions were conducted ONLINE – in Polog planning region – Tetovo and surrounding municipalities (2 one-day training sessions) and the North (Skopje) planning region (4 one-day training sessions), as well as online training for 63 employees and volunteers of the Red Cross (4 one-day training sessions).

179 people were trained in 2020, and from the beginning of the project implementation until the end of October 2020 the total number of people trained from the institutions of the Crisis Management System (CMS) in Republic of North Macedonia exceeds 1,000 (1,051).

Throughout the project duration, advanced / dedicated training sessions were conducted for the needs of realization of 3 exercises in the country:

1. CMEP / NICS TTX “Comprehensive Response – Vodno 2018” – Skopje, September 2018.

2. NICS TTX with Red Cross – Struga, November 2018.

3. NICS field exercise / TTX “National Response 2019”, organized by the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia – Stip, September 2019.

Advanced / dedicated training was also conducted for the North Macedonia team (with representatives from the Protection and Rescue Directorate, Fire Brigade of the City of Skopje and Red Cross) – for participation in the field / TTX “NICS – Montenegro 2019” – Podgorica / Danilovgrad, Montenegro, October 2019.

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